Flame Boss

It started out as a hobby to learn about electronics. (Programming electronics for 3 decades actually does not teach you much about designing electronics.) As my skills developed, things changed. After multiple attempts, I convinced my former business partner (my brother Michael) there was a potential business opportunity related to the device I was making, a temperature controller […]

SkiBoats.com Launched

Launching a boat classifieds site on SkiBoats.com. Everything is free. Check it out: SkiBoats.com The pic is of our boat with me in the captain’s seat. Fun business this!

Krugman on a free speech issue

I’ve been reading Paul Krugman’s blog recently because I wanted to understand interventionists better. I think I made a good choice – a Nobel prize winning interventionist.  In the following post he makes fun of a libertarian for profiling based on attending radical religious speeches. One observation about political talkers on any corner of the […]

Play Hangman on Website

To get more users interested in sharing their word lists with others, I released a web app version of Custom Hangman.  Its in beta.  Check it out at CustomHangman.com.