EPA Gas Can Fail

Thanks to the EPA, gas cans are getting worse, and my guess is, so is the environment. Intentions were noble: requine gas cans to be designed to leak less fumes and cause less spills, to protect the environment.  However, the new required designs are also very slow to pour because there is no vacuum release […]

Barefoot Attempt 2009

Before the recent cold snap I got a chance to cut up on the lake.  I attempted to barefoot after not doing it for a few years. The result was I bobbled back and forth for about a hundred yards and then face planted.  Just thought I’d post one personal item to shed some light […]

8 days till the long ride

One more weekend to train for the longest ride of my life so far. If you want to donate to a good cause, just click this link here, then click on the link on the thermometer: My MS donation page

Lake is up, so is the fun

The tropical storm that passed around three sides of Orlando a couple weeks ago brought our lake up so we can use it from the dock.  Before the dock was so high and the water so shallow the kids couldn’t jump from the dock.  Because our lake gets water from other lakes too high, not […]

Something Vint Cerf Said

Yesterday I was reminded of something Vint Cerf said in one of his talks in one of the ICANN Meetings I attended while at Afternic.  He pointed out how the Internet had changed our social life everywhere, even the simple routine of having dinner at home with your spouse.  In fact, he said at home […]

Waterski camp

For the 3rd year in a row our family attended Coble Waterski/Wakeboard School for four days of intense waterski or wakeboard instruction. Here’s a pic of me working my way through the slalom course.

Selling my touring bike

I’m letting my fellow CFCRers have first dibs. If no takers there I’ll probably offer it on eBay. See more pics here. Here’s the description: 2006 BMW K1200GT 152HP Factory electric cruise control ESA Heated seats & grips On board computer BMW Trunk Bill Mayer leather seat Baher intercom system with cable for bike to […]

Why another blog

The only reason anyone should blog is because he or she has something to say. I plan to write about the domain name industry where I spent the last five years because I think I can help balance the discussions. Most folks that write about domains are biased on the optimistic side. I plan to […]