$5.99 domain regs at Gossimer

If you sign up as a reseller, according to this press release, you can get domain registration years for $5.99 at Gossimer.com.  This is not an affiliate pitch.  I am not familiar with the company even though they are based in my home state, Florida.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

A PPC Pro looks at domaining

I found a new blog by a PPC marketing specialist, PPC Ian, who went to his first domain conference. I think it is valuable for people in any niche industry to understand how other similar-but-different business professionals see their industry. That’s why I advised domainers to learn more about the affiliate marketers in a recent […]

Domainers, meet Affiliate Marketers

I find it fascinating that domain investors circle in their conferences and online forums while affiliate marketers circle in their own conferences and forums.  Both groups are  essentially micro-industries doing almost the same thing – building and monetizing targeted traffic to independent websites.  I highly recommend to both groups: attend a conference in the other […]

Birth of Afternic 2G was NameBuySell.com

Most people who know me (most of my friends on Facebook, for example) know me from my days at Afternic.com.  I was President, then GM, of Afternic.com from 2002-2007.  My brother and I purchased Afternic.com for a little over $100,000 in December of 2002, worked on it for about 5 years, and sold it to […]

Domainer Risks

It is important to understand the risks in any business plan. I don’t write these to be a naysayer, rather to help us domainers be complete in our business planning. Here are some risk questions that some might say are already answered pessimistically: What if users learn to use the search bar rather than the […]

Drop list analysis offer

I have a script that processes the drop list at NameJet (both the pending delete and pre-release lists) everyday and sends me the following lists: Dropping names with the most popular keywords (by number of indexes in Yahoo) Dropping names with the most popular domain name (by number of indexes of the actual domain name […]

Something Vint Cerf Said

Yesterday I was reminded of something Vint Cerf said in one of his talks in one of the ICANN Meetings I attended while at Afternic.  He pointed out how the Internet had changed our social life everywhere, even the simple routine of having dinner at home with your spouse.  In fact, he said at home […]

New Idol gets 55M votes but how many uniques?

We watched David Cook win American Idol last night and I was impressed like everyone else about the number of votes. By my calculations from numbers mentioned, David C. received about 55M and David A. received 43M votes.  Cook received almost as many votes as Bush received in the last election (62M).  However, we have […]

QuikDrop.com parked page

I was curious how the eBay drop-off industry was doing and I have some stuff I’d like to sell on eBay, which added to my motivation to research this sector. The first mover and still one of the largest players by number of stores is Quikdrop International Inc. Unfortunately and incredibly their website QuikDrop.com is […]