Thoughts on 9/11

We call it simply “9/11″ because we will never forget the year

3,000 died from three terrorist attacks

War or murder? No

Not “civil” war nor a foreign state

No soldiers harmed; no military assets destroyed


Religious. A “cult” if they were us

“War of terror” for the defense industrial complex

Destroy the murderers, all of them

Secure the cockpit doors on our jets

Bury the dead

Fight oppression and embrace liberty

Honor them with liberty
and the pursuit of happiness

3,000 died on 9/11
54,000 Americans died in Korean War
60,000 Americans died in Vietnam
150,000 Americans have been murdered since 9/11 by other Americans
418,500 Americans died in World War 2

The 9/11 attack has been exploited by the state to justify dramatic takings of our liberty, privacy, and, ironically, even our security: wars with nations that are no threat to us; unlimited detentions without due process and searching/spying on citizens without court orders (Patriot Act); a new federal police force (Homeland Security); nationalizing the whole airport security industry. These things dishonor our fallen loved ones.

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