Finding your iPhone/iPod Touch Device ID

If you want to use your iPhone or iPod Touch to run an app that is not bought thru the App Store, you’ll need to give the developer the Device ID of your device so  he or she can add it to the Ad Hoc build.  Only device IDs that have been registered with Apple (we’re limited to 100 total) can run such apps. Here’s how to obtain your device ID in case I or another iPhone developer request it.

1. Open iTunes with your device connected with the USB cable.

2. Click on your device in the navigation tree on the left side.

3. You should see information about your device including its serial number in the center of the window on the right. Click on that serial number (even though it doesn’t look like it would do anything). It should change to your Device ID, aka “Identifier (UDID)”.

4. Click Edit -> Copy from the main menu at the top (or press ^C on Windows or press Command-C on Mac) and you will have copied the device ID.

5. Now you can open your email client, compose an email to your developer, and click Edit -> Paste (or press ^V on Windows or press Command-V on Mac) to paste your device ID into the body of the email.

If you’re interesting in testing new iPhone apps, contact me.  You get cool new apps before everyone else, and for free.

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