Why another blog

The only reason anyone should blog is because he or she has something to say.

I plan to write about the domain name industry where I spent the last five years because I think I can help balance the discussions. Most folks that write about domains are biased on the optimistic side.

I plan to write about economics because I think it is the most effective tool for understanding almost everything.

I used to instruct college students how to develop database-driven websites. I still love to discuss information technology and plan to do some of that on this blog.

As I evolve this site, especially by adding links to the blogs and sites I like most, I will try to write about them.

If YOU want to do me a big favor that requires little effort, please leave a comment. Ask a question, say hi, disagree, anything you say will probably help my motivation to blog.

Also feel free to give me some pointers about blogging. I admit to still being a beginner even though I have dabbled at it before. You can email be. My address is my first name at this domain name. Get it?

Thank you for reading!

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One thought on “Why another blog

  1. These topics are all important. But I look forward especially to your blog on economics as a tool for understanding everything! Thank you!

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